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Lowongan Perminyakan 2012 : JOB Pertamina – Medco E&P Tomori

JOB Pertamina – Medco E&P Tomori is joint operating body between PT Pertamina Hulu Energi and PT Medco E&P Indonesia. We are one of the national oil & gas companies based on Jakarta, Indonesia. Our project in Central Sulawesi offshore (Senoro) has been operating since February 2011.
We are currently inviting highly dynamic, self-motivated and committed applicants to apply several positions in a challenging work environment as follow:
Reservoir Engineer
• Making and proposing field work activity program to maintain and increase area production.
• Count and reporting estimation of reserve oil and gas at new reservoir and existing one to predict how many reserve oil and gas remains.
• Estimate daily-monthly and annual oil production in order to achieve WP&B target and for oil shipment.
• Evaluate proposed project economically to determine the feasibility of wells drilling/development.
• Prepare ATD as proposal for well drilling exploration.
• Prepare AFE exploitation study and WP&B to get approval from BPMIGAS.
• Monitoring low production volume of well to be evaluated as reactivated well plan.
• Conduct research to unproductive wells to determine as water disposal well.
• Bachelor degree in Petroleum / Geology.
• Minimum 3 years experience in Engineering of oil and gas industry.
• Training in Reservoir.
• Training in Logging & Perforation technique.
• Case hole & down hole.
(Jakarta – Site)
• Generate sub-surface data including seismic data, date and time-estimation of soil layer in order to gather information regarding prospected location or reserved land.
• Optimally sub-surface image research to maximize production strategy.
• Compile all data and geological input such as sub-surface data, block sampling, wells condition, seismic data to be integrated with geophysicist software and analysis to find reserved oil and gas production.
• Interpret all integrated data geophysical to produce recommendation in management & stake-holders meeting to be considered in project feasibility.
• Supervise data sampling procedure in field to ensure that collected data is accurate.
• Bachelor degree in Geologist.
• Minimum 5 years experience in technical and managerial position of oil and gas industry.
Production Engineer
(Jakarta - Site)
• Monitoring wells production performance and analyze production accumulation in order to assess continuity of corporate business.
• Conduct surveillance evaluation from oil and gas extraction activity and following up development of wells to make the production went smooth.
• Analyze oil and gas concentration of each wells, provide technical consultation to produce potential condition of oil production and most economically to be sold.
• Supervise oil and gas exploration procedure in field to ensure they’re using the most efficient and effective method.
• Bachelor degree in Petroleum / Mechanical Engineering.
• Minimum 5 years experience in technical & managerial position of oil and gas industry.
Technical Interface Coordinator
• Co-ordinate project technical interfaces between multiple work packages/contractors, drilling and reservoir engineering to ensure: compliance with schedule, consistent design basis and data set, overall design consistency and integrity.
• To ensure a cost effective integration between different packages/contractors and between surface and subsurface facilities activities.
• Interface responsibility definition.
• Technical integrity of interfaces.
• Effective interface management and control including their relevant activities, facilitating the traceability of agreements and changes, if any.
• To assure technical cooperation in the team and with contractors in order to minimize technical and economical risks.
• Liaising with all technical managers in order to assure the alignment and consistency of technical designs.
• Assuring interface status reports (including progress status and identification of concerns and highlight areas).
• Managing meetings, as necessary, between different contractors in order to reduce technical and economical risks, negotiating the best resolution of interface discrepancy, if any.
• Bachelor degree relevant major.
• 10 extensive experience in the oil & gas industry.
• Several years of coordination activities in project team.
Completion Engineer
• Making database summary of completed drilling project for comparison data to the next drilling program/plan (Offset Well Data).
• Designing well and details of drilling program for a well construction project (onshore & offshore) including all technical/engineering plan, cost estimation, material purchase plan and drilling equipment (Well Construction Program).
• Preparing cost estimation proposal and technically presented the plan to BPMIGAS to get an approval for executing the project (AFE & WP&B).
• Searching and analyze necessary material & equipment to be applied in the drilling project and estimate risk & cost analyst (Technology Scouting).
• Analyze and plan optimalization well design, drilling & completion, and overall budget proposal from the drilling summary result made by Drilling Superintendent.
• Supervise HQ activity, assist Drilling Superintendent to conduct quality control process (QC) during drilling project.
• Bachelor Dgeree in Petroleum, Mechanical, Civil, Chemical, Electrical, and Industrial Engineering.
• Minimum 3 -5 years experience in drilling of oil and gas operation.
• Certified in Drilling Engineering / Operation.
• Certified well control (IWCF - Surface / subsea stack).
• Certified in T-Bosiet (Sea Survival, HUET, Fire Fighting).
Contract Engineer
(Jakarta – Site)
• Develop and analyze subcontract documentation (interpretation of contract scope and terms and conditions).
• Provide advice and seek counsel on contractual, commercial, taxation, insurance and legal issues.
• Coordinate subcontracts development, compilation, sourcing, pre-tenders, invitation to tender, evaluations of proposals received including requests for qualifications.
• Post award coordination of Subcontract Variations, including evaluation of Subcontractor s claims and defending claims from Subcontractors.
• Participate in Subcontract audits, reviewing records for accuracy and conformance to standards.
• Bachelor Degree in Engineering any discipline.
• Minimum 10 years professional experience, 5 years Project Contracts experience in EPC projects will be an advantage.
• Certified BP Migas PTK 007 Rev-2 Certification in Supply Chain Management.
• Experience in contract formulation activities, systems and processes coupled with working knowledge of engineering, fabrication and construction practices.
• Good skills in Ms Word and Ms Excel.
Instrumentation Inspector
(Jakarta – Site)
• Responsible to QA/QC Coordinator for all construction activity related to Quality Assurance & Quality Control and Ensure that QC Contractor has conduct examination for all instrumentation equipment accord with the approved procedure.
• Responsible for all instrumentation equipment bought by EPC Contractor such as PSV and gas meter has passed the test in the factory and completed with validated document.
• Ensure fabricated gas meter has comply with the AFC Drawing and suit with ITP.
• Coordinate with QC Contractor for gas meter, instrumentation equipment and calibration any equipment related with gas meter.
• Bachelor degree in any major of Engineering.
• Minimum 10 years experience in field instrumentation Migas operation.
• Understand instrument engineering document/drawing : specification, data sheet, wiring/loop diagram, instalation/hook up, P & ID.
• Understand instrumentation testing procedure: calibration, leak test, continuity test, loop test, function test and SA (Surge Arrestor).
• Understand certification procedure including with Migas/BP Migas : metering, PSV.
Petro physicist
(Jakarta – Site)
• Plan well data acquisition programs in line with well and business objectives.
• Liaise and work with London BU (Business Unit)-based petrophysicist.
• Liaison with core, log and LWD data acquisition contractors, before and during acquisition and in post-well interpretation phase.
• Coordinate appropriate well-site witness work for specialist runs.
• Deliver post-well standard interpretation.
• Liaise with partners and Sonagol on petrophysical/core issues.
• Take a proactive role in the extended organisation and facilitate federal connectivity into the office.
• Aid the integrated full field reservoir description models which take full account of log, core and seismic data as well as dynamic pressure and water movement data.
• Manage core and fluid analysis programs at home country/UK-based labs.
• Populate and maintain corporate and project well databases.
• Be part of the team well planning effort.
• Become involved in surveillance petrophysics on project startup.
• Provide leadership in health, safety, and environment (HSE); this is an important and key requirement and focus for the individual.
• Bachelor of Science degree in Geosciences or related discipline.
• 7 years experience in related job.
• Ability to promote open and effective communication.
• Propensity for undertaking tasks before being asked to or forced by events.
• Ability to coach others to help their development.
• Ability to work as part of a team.
• Authority to work on a full-time basis for anyone other than your current employer.
• Ability to facilitate and leverage knowledge transfer within and between the exploration, development and production business units.
• Ability to integrate a variety of data and information into an exceptional interpretation of the subsurface.
• Considerable relevant, post-graduate industry-related experience.
• Experience working within an operating company.
• Awareness of the impact of actions on individuals, community and the environment.
• Actively seeks know-how and best practices related to own area of contribution.
• Actively engages and respects contributions of others.
• Anticipates future situations and plans ahead to meet them.
• Actively seeks know-how and opportunities from the external environment and applies them.
• English Fluency Required.
Drilling Superintendent
• Planning drilling operation activity with Risk assessment, Job Safety Analysis (JSA), Drill Well On Paper (DWOP) & Completion Well On Paper (CWOP). (Risk & HSEQ Assessment).
• Making Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) with section head and operation engineer in order to achieve drilling target completely (Drilling Procedures, SIMOP procedures, Completion Procedures, well control procedures, dll).
• Conduct location survey/shore base for selecting material storage place also street location and transport option to facilitate drilling operation.
• Plan a well location with Drillings & WOWS Section Head in accordance with the operation, accommodate drilling activity or other construction activity in a future with concern in HSEQ aspect.
• Plan an equipment mobilization, supervise rig mobilization/demobilization acitivy and overall equipment to drilling location.
• Coordinate with supplier and drilling/completion services for material, equipment and personnel mobilization.
• Supervise drilling operation activity and coordination with Drilling Supervisor at the field 24 hours/7 days a week.
• Making closing report from drilling/completion project with all usage material data report and provide technical recommendation for field operation.
• Bachelor degree in Engineering (all major except Architecture and Industry).
• 15 years experience in drilling of oil and gas operation.
• Project Management Training.
• Certified in Drilling Engineering / Operation.
• Certified in Well Control (IWCF - Surface / subsea stack).
• Certified in T-Bosiet (Sea Survival, HUET, Fire Fighting).
PA & Security Officer
• Melaksanakan pemeliharaan hubungan kerja dengan muspika (musyawarah pimpinan kecamatan) wilayah kerja perusahaan agar tercipta hubungan kerja yang baik antara perusahaan dengan muspika.
• Melakukan komunikasi dan program pengembangan masyarakat di sekitar wilayah kerja perusahaan untuk menjaga hubungan baik dengan masyarakat guna mendukung kelancaran operasional perusahaan.
• Membuat pelaporan kegiatan public affairs serta mendokumentasikannya agar seluruh kegiatan terdokumentasi dengan baik.
• Menganalisa permintaan bantuan dari masyarakat dan pemerintah daerah di wilayah kerja perusahaan, untuk dijadikan usulan kepada manajemen kantor Jakarta dalam mengakomodir bantuan kepada masyarakat dan pemerintah di lapangan operasi.
• Mengawasi dan menganalisa isu-isu keamanan yang berkembang baik di kalangan internal maupun eksternal untuk mencegah situasi tidak kondusif yang mungkin terjadi.
• Mengkoordinasikan dan mengawasi kegiatan pengamanan yang dilakukan oleh petugas keamanan pihak ketiga untuk memastikan terlaksananya pengamanan yang sesuai dengan prosedur keamanan perusahaan.
• Melakukan kerjasama dan pembinaan hubungan kerja dengan aparat keamanan Negara untuk memberikan rasa aman terhadap kegiatan operasi lapangan.
• Membuat laporan keamanan termasuk kejadian tidak aman yang terjadi serta mendokumentasikannya untuk digunakan sebagai masukan dalam memperbaiki system keamanan yang telah ada.
Position Requirements:
• D3 Komunikasi Massa
• Pelatihan kehumasan perusahaan minyak dan gas
• Keterampilan negosiasi
• Basic oil and gas for nonengineer
• Perusahaan minyak dan gas di bidang public affairs 3 tahun
Untuk informasi lebih lanjut silahkan masuk ke website kami di
“Only short-listed candidates will be invited via e-mail/phone for
Test and Interview”


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