Friday, March 9, 2012

Lowongan Migas Maret 2012 | Caltex Australia

It is our pleasure to introduce you to the values of Caltex Australia.
These were developed by a team of employees based on suggestions gathered from Caltex people who come from various job roles across all departments in seven different locations around Australia.
These values describe what our people can do to help make Caltex a very successful and inspiring place to work.
Quite deliberately, these values are expressed as action words. They are about doing. They are straight-forward and practical and when applied together, they can make a huge difference to the results we achieve.
The Caltex leadership team is absolutely committed to bringing these values to life.

Job Details
Graduate Engineer
Application Close Date: 30-Mar-2012
Job Details

Position Type:
Permanent FT
Job Reference:

We are currently recruiting for 2012 graduates in chemical and mechanical engineering for roles based in Sydney and Brisbane.
If you have a commitment and passion for what you do, then come and make your mark in an area that is crucial to the growth of the Caltex business. You will be taking on the opportunity to work with a team of motivated professionals focussed on achieving excellence and improving the Refinery’s performance to world class.
For more information call Simon Kett on 02 9250 5369
Click Here to apply Online : Caltex career


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