Friday, March 23, 2012

Fitur - Fitur Terbaru Pada Excavator Hitachi EX 3600-6

Giant-Sized Productivity Based on Hitachi's Theory of Evolution.
Each Hitachi generation listens to the needs of the work site and gives birth to an even-better new generation.

Bucket Passes Bucket Passes to Dump Trucks

Powerful Single Engine-Ready for the task.
Time-proven Cummins diesel engine produces a total of 1 450 kW (1 944 HP) for handling the big excavation jobs.
1 450 kW (1 944 HP)

Emission Control Engine-Helping to protect our environment.
Conforms to U.S. EPA Tier II emission regulations.

Efficient E-P Control-Adjusts power output to the work being performed.
Hitachi's computer-aided Engine-Pump Control (E-P Control) coaxes optimum efficiency from the engine and hydraulic pumps. This innovative system senses load demand and controls engine and pump output for maximum operating efficiency.

Larger Bucket Provides High Work Capacity.
Loading shovel bucket : 21.0 m3
Backhoe bucket : 22.0 m3

Maximum Excavating Force.
- Loading shovel
Arm crowding force : 1 200 kN (122 000 kgf)
Breakout force : 1 050 kN (107 000 kgf)

- Backhoe
Arm crowd force : 951 kN (97 000 kgf)
Bucket digging force : 1 050 kN (107 000 kgf)

Large Bucket-Designed to enhance efficiency.
The large bucket has been shaped specifi cally to enhance scooping and loading operations. Its sharp tilt angle helps boost operating efficiency.
Productivity-Boosting Auto-Leveling Mechanism-One-lever leveling control.
This is another unique Hitachi function developed exclusively for more efficient leveling operations.


apa perbedaan mendasar dari 3600-5?

Mksh atas kunjungannya mas, utk prtyaan mas sudah saya jwb pada posting spesifikasi standard ex3600-6.. Smga dpt mnjwb nya..

asik gan infonya .. bermanfaat skali ..
ak masih pemula gan makanya aku main k blog orang2 ..
main k blog ane jg gan :D
salam blogwalking

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