Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sistem Engine Control Pada Bulldozer D155-6

Outline of fuel control system

- The following signals are input as rotation command signals to the engine controller.
1) Fuel control dial potentiometer signal
2) Decelerator pedal potentiometer signal
3) 3rd throttle signal (Power train controller)

- The engine controller controls the fuel control system of the engine (CRI system) according to the one of the above input signals which indicates the lowest engine speed.

- Adjust the decelerator pedal speed and high idle speed with the decelerator pedal linkage.

DIAL : Fuel control dial
PEDAL : Decelerator pedal
ROD : Decelerator pedal rod
POTENTIO : Decelerator pedal potentiometer
ENG-ECU : Engine controller
P/T-ECU : Power train controller
ENGINE : Engine unit (CRI devices)
[KOMNET] : KOMNET communication circuit (3rd throttle signal)


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