Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spesifikasi Standard Excavator EX3600-6

Sahabat teknisi, menanggapi pertanyaan seorang pembaca pada artikel fitur terbaru pada EX3600-6, maka berikut ini teknisiberat postingkan artikel mengenai spesifikasi standard pada Excavator EX3600-6. Semoga artikel kali ini dapat menjawabnya.

- 140 A alternator
- Heavy-duty type air cleaner with dust ejector
- Cartridge-type engine oil filter
- Cartridge-type engine oil bypass filter
- Cartridge-type fuel filter
- Fan guard
- Isolation-mounted engine
- Auto-idle system
- Emergency engine stop system
- Hydraulic drive cooling-fan system

- E-P control system
- OHS (Optimum Hydraulic System)
- FPS (Fuel-saving Pump System)
- Hydraulic drive cooling-fan system
- Forced-lubrication and forced cooling pump drive system
- Control valve with main relief valve
- Suction filter
- Full-flow filter
- Bypass filter
- Pilot filter
- Drain filter
- High-pressure strainer

The sturdy cab, with the top guard conforming to OPG Level II (ISO), helps protect the operator from falling objects. Fluid-filled elastic mounts. Laminated glass windshield. Reinforced/tinted (bronze color) glass side and rear windows. Parallel-link-type intermittent windshield wiper. Front windshield washer. Adjustable reclining seat with air suspension. Footrest. Air horn with electric compressor. Auto-tuning AM-FM radio with digital clock. Seat belt. Storage spaces. Floor mat. Air conditioner with defroster. Rearview mirror. Evacuation hammer. Emergency escape device. Trainer's seat. Pilot control shut-off lever.

- Meters:
Hourmeter. Fuel gauge. Hydraulic oil temperature gauge. Engine coolant temperature gauge. Tachometer. Engine oil pressure gauge. Engine oil temperature gauge. Battery voltage gauge. Ambient temperature.
- Pilot lamps (Green):
Prelub. Auto-Idle. Travel Mode.
- Warning lamps (Red):
Allternator. Engine stop. Coolant overheat. Hydraulic oil level. Auto-Lubrication. Fast-filling. Tension. Electric lever. Emergency engine stop. Top valve. Engine over run. Coolant level. Engine oil pressure. Pump transmission oil level indicator.
- Warning lamp (Yellow):
Exhaust temperature. Fuel temperature. Engine warning. Hydraulic oil overheat. Stairway position. Electrical equipment box. Pump contamination. Air cleaner restriction.
- Alarm buzzers:
Overheat. Engine coolant pressure. Engine coolant level. Fuel temperature. Engine oil pressure. Engine oil temperature. Air intake manifold temperature. Crank case pressure. Pump transmission oil level. Hydraulic oil level. Stop valve close. Fast-fill system panel position (option) Ladder position. Electric lever fault.

- DLU (Data-logging unit) continuously records performance of the engine and the hydraulic system. The record can be downloaded by PC and PDA.

- 9 working lights. 2 entrance lights. 7 maintenance lights. 2 cab lights.

- Lockable machine covers
- 40 200 kg counterweight
- Hydraulic drive grease gun with hose reel
- Folding stairs with wide steps
- Swing parking brake

- Travel parking brake
- Travel motion alarm device
- Hydraulic track adjuster with N2 gasaccumulator and relief valve
- 1 270 mm triple grouser shoes

- Standard tool kit
- Stairs and handrails (Meeting ISO)
- Recirculation air filter for air conditioner
- Ventilation air filter for air conditioner
- 12 V power terminal board
- Stop valve for transport and reassembly
- Auto-lubrication system (Lincoln) for front-attachment pins, swing bearing, and center joint

Optional equipment may very by country, so please consult your Hitachi dealer for details.
- Wiggins couplers
- High brightness working lights.
- Back and right side color monitor camera.
- Satellite data transmitting system.
- Travel motor guard.
- Travel device guard.
- Electric oil pump to draw hydraulic oil from suction and return pipe lines.


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