Friday, November 11, 2011

Cara Menghitung Produktivitas Dari Sebuah Hydraulic Excavator


1. Production per cycle (q)

      q = q1 × K
                  where q1: Bucket capacity (heaped) (m3; yd3) 
                              K : Bucket fill factor

  • Bucket fill factor
The bucket fill factor varies according to the nature of material. A suitable factor can be selected from the table, taking into consideration the applicable excavating conditions.

2. Cycle time (Cm)
Cycle time = Excavating time + swing time (loaded ) + dumping time + swing time (empty)
However, here we use cycle time = (standard cycle time) × (conversion factor)
The standard cycle time for each machine is determined from the following table.

3. Job efficiency (E)
The following table gives typical job efficiency as a rough guide. To obtain the actual production figure, determine the efficiency in accordance with actual operating conditions.


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